Why Corel Draw Is More Preferable In Printing Industry?

one of the most confusing aspects of computer-based graphic design is the difference between RGB and CMYK color modes, as well as the difference between various file formats.

Although this subject is brought up countless of times in the design blogosphere, I believe it was never explained in a way that’s simple, easy to remember and most importantly, easy to work with.

Understanding CMYK printing

Using RGB is great if your design will be used on screen. But if there is even the slightest chance of your artwork is being printed, you need to create files in CMYK color mode.

Unlike computer screen, a printer cannot use light to paint colors on paper, which is why it has to use the next best thing — plain ole’ ink.

All desktop and professional printers mix four different ink colors — (C)yan, (M)agenta, (Y)ellow and (K)ey (Black) which is abbreviated as CMYK. These four colors can be mixed together in varying amounts and produce thousands of different shades and hues on paper.

But as you can imagine, mixing CMYK inks is very different than mixing RGB lights. For example, if more lights are added to RGB it produces brighter colors where as adding more ink in CMYK produces darker colors. In RGB, White is defined with the maximum value of each color channel (R:255,G:255,B:255), while in CMYK mode it’s defined as a complete lack of color (C:0%,M:0%,Y:0%,K:0% ).

Check if your document is properly set up for CMYK print work

For CorelDRAW: On the New document window, select “Default CMYK” in the Preset Destination dropdown.

Deliver correct CMYK printing files to client

For CorelDRAW: Go to File > Publish to PDF , then pick “Prepress” from the PDF preset dropdown box. This will produce print ready PDF file which can be opened by any Adobe application as well.

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